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Terms & Conditions

AsCA 2019 is co-organised by the National University of Singapore and Asian Crystallographic Association (“organiser”)


  • The payment for the conference / workshop / banquet dinner registration shall be settled in one (1) instalment as follows:
    • 100% of the cost of conference / workshop registration within one (1) month from the date of invoice issued by organiser.
  • The conference / banquet dinner registration price is inclusive of any applicable goods and services tax (“GST”) or other government charge or duty and Credit Card admin charges.
  • The workshop registration price is exclusive of any applicable goods and services tax (“GST”) or other government charge or duty, which the delegate shall be additionally liable to pay at the rate and in the manner from time to time prescribed by law. If exemption from taxes is claimed, the delegate must provide a certificate of exemption. Any additional costs incurred by the organiser pursuant to any act of parliament or any order or regulation made by any governmental body or department shall be paid by the delegate. The price shall be net of any withholding tax payable by the delegate, and in no event shall the delegate be entitled to withhold or deduct any such tax from the price.


  • The organiser reserves the right at all times to, without the delegate having the right to compensation or refund,
    • Change the dates of the event or
    • Cancel the event due to any cause whatsoever including but not limited to any cause
  • No application can be cancelled or altered unilaterally by the delegate. The organiser may agree to the request to cancel the application subject to the condition that the delegate pays a compensation for cancellation. The amount of compensation will depend on the time of cancellation and will be calculated at a percentage of the total conference / workshop / banquet dinner registration payable in accordance with the following schedule:
Receipt of Notice of Cancellation Compensation (Percentage of Total Registration Fees)
On or before 15 September 2019 50%
After 15 November 2019 100%


  • If in the reasonable opinion of the organiser, the event premises may become unfit for occupancy or if the holding of the exhibition or the performance of the organiser of any of the provisions of this contract are interfered with by virtue of any cause, this contract (or any part thereof) may forthwith be terminated or cancelled by the organiser without the organiser being liable in damages or otherwise to the delegate.
  • This contract may be terminated forthwith by the organiser if, in the organiser’s opinion, the delegate does not or may be unable to perform or comply with any of its obligations of this contract and/or the rules and regulations of the event.


  • Registered delegates who are unable to attend may send an alternate i.e. one-for-one substitution at no extra charge. Substitution request must be submitted in writing to the conference registration secretariat before 15 September 2019.
  • Substitution requests received after the deadline will be subjected to a processing fee of SGD 50.00.